All pictures except the first one were taken in 2003, with the specific day above each section. Engineering drawings appear at the bottom.

DCP_0611new.jpgNorth deck, the BIG one (1200 sq. feet).

This was taken about a year ago, late October 2002. I took out the old railing so we could cover the top with roofing tin to get through the winter rains.

The green & silver stuff is rubberized paint, used in an attempt to seal the top. It didn't work.

September 9:

P1001180.jpgWest deck (small one - 700 sq. feet) over the carport & apartment. The early stages of tearing off the old top.

P1001178.jpgNorth deck.

Almost done tearing old top & framing out (center section framing still original, will come out tomorrow).

September 11:

P1001186.jpgWatch your step!

Old top torn off, support posts for the upper porch supported with...2x4s!

September 18:

P1001202.jpgNorth deck, with new framing begun.

They shaved the large glue lams (the 2 huge beams in the middle) in order to attain a 2 deg slope for drainage.

P1001203.jpgNorth deck again, different angle.

Yes that's my ladder. It was funny - they used a ton of my tools! Good thing I had this stuff.

September 20:

P1001207.jpgWest deck, after the old top was torn off.

Didn't replace the framing because except for a couple of repair spots (you can see the dark places on the right edge, just below the olive tree), the wood was OK.

P1001204.jpgNorth deck.

All new framing is done, and plywood sheeting going down.

Sorry there's a gap in the pictures here. Not sure why, I just neglected to take pictures. Was busy with Rose arriving and other stuff around the ranch. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

October 31:

P1001236.jpgWest deck.

They finished the 4-ply hot mop one day before the first rain.

P1001233.jpgNorth deck.

Picture taken from the 2nd floor porch looking down.

November 6:

P1001242.jpgWest deck with the redwood down. It rained hard that night.

P1001244.jpgThe railing is not done obviously, but the posts are in.

The north deck is still wood-less at this point, but the tar roof is dried in. No more leaky basement!

November 13:

P1001271.jpgNorth deck almost done.

The 4x4 cross beams you see on the far right are cut to an opposite 2 deg slope from the tar roof to bring the redwood top back in level.

P1001272txt.jpgStarting to look nice!

November 14:

P1001275.jpgNorth deck with all the wood down (it's wet so it looks darker).

November 19:

P1001277.jpgWest deck, and two dog butts. Beginnings of the railing.

P1001276.jpgNorth deck, beginnings of the railing.

P1001278.jpgWest deck and stairs down to the carport.

November 20:

P1001280.jpgWest deck and a red dog butt, railing in.

P1001279.jpgWhoa! Check that out. Looks nice.

Two more days of finish work, we added some lighting, and we're done.

Engineering Drawings:
(click thumbnail for full sized view)


 Floor plan


 Deck cross section

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