The Actresses' Husband

In response to the nationwide popular "You Might Be an Akro Wife If", presents...

You Might Be an Actresses' Husband IF...

* You've had cheese fries for dinner the last 42 nights in a row.

* You have said, fully asleep, "mmmfffhhh, hhmmm, huh?" to your wife at 12 midnight when you have to get up at 5:30 the next day.

* You explain her absence from key family functions by saying "it's a tech rehersal tonight...".

* You have dogs instead of children. (that was a copy/paste)

* Your flying budget had better account for the "new and improved" work schedule for your wife.

* Your dogs bark at her because they don't recognize her.

* You actually hear yourself saying "Don't worry Honey, I'll clean the house"

* You've worn the same t-shirt for 18 days straight.

* Your fingers are sore from sending Instant Messages for 4 hours straight.

* You have your PC optimized to within an inch of its life.

* You've read more books in the last three weeks than you've read the past 2 years.

* You have seen every re-run (5 times) of "Star Trek", "Millionaire", and that bitchy woman that says "YOU'RE the weakest link...Goodbye!"

* You have the slighest clue what I'm talking about here.

* You've seen the same show, 6 times now, on your Friday night, yet each and every time that talented lady moves you.

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