New Tractor

P1001069.jpgFinally! It shows up after 2 weeks of waiting

P1001070.jpgThe sheep aren't that worried

P1001071.jpgDoesn't take the place of a dog though

P1001072.jpgPut that boy to work!

P1001073.jpgI think he likes it



P1001077.jpgWhoa! Check out that guy...that must hurt (we have a full set of warning labels here).

P1001078.jpgDon't worry - no TUI (tractoring under the influence), this was after we quit

These aren't the real tires - they didn't have the tires we ordered, but they came in a week later.

Kubota B2910HSD with a 60" rear rotary mower, 12" post hole auger, 54" front loader bucket, and a nice box scraper.

See the warning labels featuring our friend the poor accident man.

Last update: Thur 10/23/2003 20:45 PDT

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