Cris & Dale's wedding

The big day was April 29, 2000. Here's the first few shots of the day:

After this happened...

say WHAT? smack smack

coolAll of these people got down and partied! (yes, they are all pilots)

no explanation...and THESE people partied even more!

coolWe had an AWESOME 5-ship flyby, and a toast to all the pilots by Cris.

you'll never see this againI never knew Tom even owned a pair of pants, or Angie a skirt!

easy thereMy wife got a little tipsy!

another marriage?We had kind of a tough time keeping people out of the fountain (I think Tom is in love)

haEven Jason went for a little dip, but I'm not sure how "voluntary" it was!

wake up!Eric was not impressed

smileOur family


smileSome guys and a dog (the Princess)

awwMy Love

hastaThen we took off

A full set of wedding photos can be found here (thanks Jeff).

Finally, we got to go on our honeymoon. Did we relax? No! We went to Yosemite, where we hiked, biked, and continued partying! Click the link for some cool shots!

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