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One of our favorite quotes:

"...And all of the answers and all of the questions
He locked in his attic one day
Cause he liked the quiet, clean country living
And twenty more years slipped away..."

-- Jimmy Buffet, He Went To Paris

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Do not be fooled by apparent innocence
Monkey Dawg
Darby's Page (flash intro) & her trial page

Say hello to Lyn Dawg
dont' miss her "Priceless" movie
or the Faces of Lyn movie

New!  Lyn Dawg

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RoseRose Rose

MegOur newest! Say hi to Meg

Rhea the Barn Cat

In memory of Burley

GingerIn memory of Ginger

New! Check out the Grrrl's puzzle page

Excellent description of the Border Collie, the preamble to the breed standard

Choosing a pup

Hobbies & Activities:

We've kind of gotten into geocaching, a fun hiking/tracking sport using a GPS.
Find the whole story at

Profile for MonkeyDawg     the MonkeyDawg

Mountain Biking:

My bikes:
2008 Stumpjumper HT 29 (lovin the big wheels)
2008 Stumpjumper FSR 29er - big-wheel junkie
2009 Roubaix Triple - all carbon frame, light and quick. Click here for picture.

Some action shots at New Melones trail

Foothill Trail Hounds - mountain biking in Amador County

MTBGuru - trails and maps with GPS data

MTBR - Reviews, forums, classifieds and more

Stumpjumper HT 29 - click for larger picture
Stumpjumper FSR 29er - click for larger picture
International Mountain Biking Association - create, enhance and preserve great trail experiences for mountain bikers worldwide.

MTB video:

Roll With Me at Lake Tabeaud

Rollin at New Melones

Ghost Rider on Raggio Road

Olmstead: Thousand Miles

Olmstead: 8 Seconds

Olmstead: Midnight Rider

Look for us on as MonkeyDawg29er.

Sacramento Kings

Stuff about airplanes we used to own:
Freebird 300
Pitts Special N93DB
The first! Pitts Special N71HR
Pitts formation flight

International Aerobatic Club stuff:
IAC Chapter 38 Homepage - tons of stuff
IAC National Homepage

IAC 2004 Known Sequences
My old 2001 Unlimited Freestyle
Freestyle Library
A few Freestyle tips
IAC Competition FAQ

nowadays we fly a tractor

Goofy stuff:
You Might be an Akro Wife IF...
and the response:
You Might Be an Actresses' Husband IF...

Deep Thoughts
Second Thoughts by Steven Wright
Ode to the Border Collie
On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog...
Complete Guide to Aviation Terminology
Fly with us (this is too funny)
My favorite beverage
Our favorite wine
Wedding & Honeymoon pics
A strange creature found in our hangar
Pilot's Credo
Some pretty good Email jokes Updated!




Home, Ranch, Dog:

New! Redtail Canyon Ranch - sheep ranch, dog training, pasture leasing

Deck repair photos - Site dedicated to the history and preservation of an old ranch in the Sierra Foothills

Flint Family Coat of Arms

Our cool tractor

Northern California Working Sheepdog Association - local club, nice people

San Joaquin Valley Border Collie Association - down south

Hoof And Paw Farms - Working Border Collie Training / Lesson Facility

Our collection of dog links Updated! (not really)


Shania Twain - country music goddess

Kenny Chesney - great music

We also like Sara Evans


Amador County stats

City of Jackson site

NWS weather - Jackson, CA

Jackson, CA weather   Jackson, CA weather

Jackson, CA at night

Resources: - technology solutions for your small business

Yosemite stuff - Shakespeare on the web

Melissa Data - very useful info lookups - dictionary & thesaurus - online graphical flight tracker

Pistachios - we luuuuv pistachios!

Kurt Haukohl's Muscle Biplane Page

We have a small collection of poetry and writings that we like

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