Ginger's Page

Ginger is a red-tri Border Collie we adopted in January of 1999. She is the sweetest dog you'll ever meet, and a was good pal to Burley. Find Ginger's story here. You can also send Ginger an email.

In November of 2000, Ginger gained a younger sister. Her best friend and little sister is Darby, a crazy sheep herding Monkey-Dawg. As if that weren't enough, in April 2003, she gained another little sister, the monster-brusier Lyn Dawg. The pack is was rounded out in October 2003 with the addition of Rose.

Ginger went to the The Rainbow Bridge on July 3, 2010. Rest in peace Ging.

P1000770.jpg (Feb 2003)She prefers to think of herself a regal dog

P1000849.jpg (Mar 2003)

DCP_0674.jpg (Dec 2002)Get that STICK

DCP_0678.jpg (Dec 2002)Pond Dog

DCP_0536.jpg (Aug 2002)

DCP_0528.jpg (Aug 2002)Chomp

DCP_0525.jpg (Aug 2002)

DSC00118.JPG (Aug 2002)Ranch dog

DSC00117.JPG (Aug 2002)

frisboth.jpg (Nov 2001)Undivided attention of 2 dogs

frisg1.jpg (Nov 2001)Flying dog

frisg2.jpg (Nov 2001)She even sheds the low throws

smiley (Feb 1999)Nice smile!

pant pant (July 2000)Time to rest!

don't drop them (Apr 2000)Ginger was the "Ring Dog" at our wedding on 29-April-2000 (she did great)

over here (Aug 1999)Ready to go!

nice ears (Feb 1999)Part fox?

a single bound (Aug 1999)Nice catch

I see it (Aug 1999)It will come down...

wild eyes (Aug 1999)Got it

you have no idea how hard it was to get this shot (Mar 1999)TWO DOGZ

woof squared (Aug 1999)TWO DOGZ, again

flop (Feb 1999) flop (Feb 1999)

smile! (Aug 1999)4/5s of the family

goofball (Mar 1999)Little vampire!

say aaaaa (Aug 1999)A moment frozen in time...

aaaaaaaaa (Aug 1999)Also good for catching flys

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